Over the years Bali has become one of the most popular islands in the Far East. It is one of the 13,677 islands which make up the Indonesian archipelago that stretches over 5000 km along the equator, between the Indian and Pacific oceans. With its only 140 kilometers length and 80 kilometers width, Bali is well known all over the world for its coral fringed beaches, lush tropical forests, hot springs, volcanoes, hidden temples and mountainous landscapes all waiting to be explored. With such a variety of landscapes and rich culture you can easily spend a couple of weeks enjoying it. And throughout central Bali you can visit colorful markets, learn about Balinese culture, see countless temples, experience religious festivals and traditional dancing.

If you want to get away from the touristy and commercial places in Bali, please let me take you to discover the hidden part of this paradise island. I have confidently designed some wonderful tours to bring you closer to the real Bali and offering you the opportunity to learn about the Balinese cultures and way of life of its people. There might be no one else that can bring you so close to the real Bali.

For the ultimate adventure of your Bali vacation, please do not hesitate to contact me and let's together experience the best of Bali. Bring the best story of Bali home with you for your loved family and friends.

Bali is not only Sand, Sea, Surf but there are more to explore throughout the island. There are stunning natural scenery, true smiles of the people, and a peaceful life out there in small remote villages, there are a peaceful rhythm out on the lush river valley, on a high altitudes of the beautiful mountains, lakes, and rain forest. Let's explore the hidden part of the Island and experience the best of Bali in a very relaxing tours and sightseeing. Call 62(081)239 29762 or wsueta@gmail.com

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Charms of Amed

If you are keen to enjoy some great snorkeling and diving on the island and being on the beach area where it is not to crowded and commercial, Amed on the eastern part of the island is quit a great option to go and spend for a few days. Amed has such a beautiful coral reef and enchanting coast line view with its colorful fisherman outriggers.

Amed has quit a wide range of hotels, Villa and little accommodations along its seaside. The one that I used to go and recommend to my clients is Vienna Beach Cottages that's right on the beach and has such a fabulous coral reef right on front of it. It is offering you such a great value of the prices that they offer a night which is including breakfast and dinner. You can easily relax on its sand beach or have your great snorkeling.

If you get up early in the morning, a spectacular sun rise could be seen right from your veranda which is overlooking the sea. There often be dozen of local fishermen with their colorful outriggers could be seen around sunrise returning from their night out fishing.

At night time, your sleep would be pampered with the beautiful sound of the waves that would bring you to your sweet dream in Paradise.

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